SCOTT PEARSON EBERLY has worked for CNN, ESPN, Midwest Sports Channel, Bravo, DirecTV, NBC, and FOX. But it was his decade as TVG's (horse racing network) senior features producer when he told over 600 stories filming at racetracks around the country. But he quickly noticed the biggest personalities weren't in the game, they were betting on it.  Eberly got to know the gambler. He started to differentiate the distinction between the recreational bettor and the professional gambler. He became intrigued with the professional gambler and how exactly one could make a living totally reliant on his R.O.I. (return on investment), or in simpler terms--a winning bankroll.

In 2010, Eberly had an initial agreement to sell the sports betting themed reality show titled, "The Book." The project, however, would be cancelled before shooting the pilot, but by that time Eberly already had setup time to film a group of gamblers in Las Vegas during March Madness. Eberly went to Las Vegas by himself and shot the initial footage on a prosumer camera that he bought after hitting a superfecta bet while filming at Churchill Downs--he thought this must be kismet. A year later Eberly would start to embed himself with the gambler, filming over 1,400 hours of footage, spanning five years, which resulted in Eberly's directorial debut with his feature film THE BEST OF IT. The indie film spent three weeks as the #3 documentary on the Google Play charts and cracking the Top Ten on the iTunes charts. Eberly has currently started production on his next feature documentary that we're told has something to do with Hollywood--it's supposedly--hush, hush.