Episode 34 | "The Process" Talks with Gregory Jacobs Creator/Producer/Writer of Red Oaks


Episode 34


Gregory Jacobs | Creator of Red Oaks steps into "The Process"

Open (0:00), “The Process” with ‘Red Oaks’ creator, producer, writer Gregory Jacobs; intro (00:53), intro (1:48), making movies at age 12 shooting on a Super 8, playing for the Yankees (3:00), Steven Spielberg and ‘Jaws’ being such a big influence, NYU (5:10), sophomore year worked as AD for John Sayles, ‘Eight Men Out,’ MTV, working on music videos, Sayles being uncompromising with his scripts (8:52), Steven Soderbergh being envious, Coen Brothers and ‘Millers Crossing,’ storyboarding the entire movie, working with Soderbergh, ‘King of the Hill,’ AD preparing Jacobs in efficiency and organization, working on ‘A Very Brady Sequel,’ working as an assistant tennis pro (18:20), creating the characters with Joe Gangemi, mapping it out as a TV series after initially thinking it would be a film, David Gordon Green, "The Pitch" for 'Red Oaks' ‘The Graduate’ and ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ the casting, Craig Roberts, Paul Reiser, Ennis Esmer, Richard Kind, Jennifer Grey, shooting the pilot (29:45), the waiting, Amazon was the only platform that guaranteed the pilot would be seen, had more material, looked season 3 as a movie (35:00), happy endings, David and Skye plan if the series went longer (37:59), the music, Hal Hartley never doing TV before (41:15), Amy Heckerling, Nash and Skip, Writing “Antagonist” with another side, Mar-a-Lago (46:30), writing the next project, Scott and Josh talk ‘Red Oaks’ (51:16), Talking Heads, in 15 years will people think ‘Red Oaks’ was filmed in the 1980s?, the show's  music, a nice small core of directors for all 3 seasons, sweetness and heart, Freddie Roman, Catskills, “Body Swap” episode, Richard Kind hitting Sam’s sadness while singing “Rhinestone Cowboy” at a Karaoke bar, Mar-a-Lago, those forgotten Amazon shows, Tim Roth in Amazon’s new series ‘Tin Star,’ ‘Mindhunter,’ Starz drops ‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ Errol Morris semi-scripted Netflix mini-series ‘Wormwood,’ Netflix new series ‘Godless.’ Goodbye.

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