The Good Fight Premieres Tonight

If you enjoy The Good Wife's, Christine Baranski-led spinoff The Good Fight, will you subscribe to CBS All Access? No? What if you get to hear Diane Lockhart drop the F-bomb (see uncensored trailer)?

After tonight's premiere, all new episodes will be available weekly on Sundays exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers. The trailer sets up the premise: Diane Lockhart retires before receiving the news that all her savings were tied up in a Ponzi scheme, thus 'The Good Fight' as she's forced to start all over from scratch after the firm she built refuses to take her back.

Cush Jumbo returns as Lucca Quinn. Sarah Steele returns as Eli Gold's brash, witty daughter. Rose Leslie (Gwen Dawson, Downton Abbey) plays newbie lawyer and disgraced daughter of the Ponzi Scheme maestro who also happens to be the goddaughter of Diane Lockhart. Delroy Lindo plays Adrian Boseman Chicago's top AfrianAmerican lawyer and partner at Diane's new firm, and Erica Tazel plays name partner Barbara Kolstad.

CBS All Access charges $5.99 a month and $9.99 without ads. The platform will launch a second original series Star Trek: Discovery, it's already been pushed back from it's original May premiere. It definitely lacks the library of a Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It does allow you to stream CBS anywhere, but it fails to offer the complete library for too many series. Beverly Hills 90210, it offers only the first season; if you're late to the party and want to watch Big Bang Theory, you can only watch the latest seven episodes; Criminal Minds only the last five episodes. So, don't expect CBS All Access to deliver complete series that you want to binge. In fact, most prime time shows you can't even go back to the beginning of the season which kind of defeats the purpose of binging.

If you like The Good Fight though and if you want to see The Good Wife they deliver all ten episodes of the new 'Fight' and all 156 episodes of'Wife.'


Scott Eberly