Happy Birthday! Paul Newman!

By Scott Pearson Eberly

Paul Newman would have been 92 today. It's been eight years since the Iconic movie star passed away, but his foundation continues to thrive and his mug is still seen in grocery store isles and he still
lights up the screen.

Fortunately, Netflix has a nice compilation of Newman films, including one of my favorites that earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor in The Verdict from 1982.


Kick back and watch Newman light up the screen this weekend! Make a salad with Newman's Own Cesar Dressing with a Newman's Own Pizza, and chase it down with Newman's O's Cookies while your at it!


1. THE VERDICT (1982) Netflix

Newman is Frank Galvin, a Boston lawyer who drank his career away, well almost, because he's got one last shot. Galvin must transform himself from a drunken bum into Perry Mason if he's going to find redemption in this courtroom thriller. 

2. THE HUSTLER (1961) Netflix

His role as Eddie Felson the pool hustler earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor. He goes toe-to-toe with Minnesota Fats brilliantly played by Jackie Gleason.

3. The Color of Money (1986) HBO GO

Martin Scorsese's brilliant follow-up to the poolroom classic. The Huster Paul Newman earns his 8th Oscar nomination and first win a year after receiving an honorary award the year prior. Eddie needs to put Vince played by Tom Cruise in his place and just maybe sleep with his girl.  Only five actors have been nominated twice by the Academy for playing the same character. 

4. FROM THE TERRACE (1960) Netflix

Newman and Joanne Woodward, his actual spouse, must decide whether to remain married to his promiscuous wife or start over with a decent girl and likely wreck his Wall Street career.

Scott Eberly