Are You Watching Riverdale?

I was a bit surprised by how much I liked the CW's Riverdale pilot. Sure it's far from a prestige show, but it brought a darker tone, a Heathers like vibe to a world that blended today's look and technology with that of the 50s comic book. For those too young to know the high school classic dark comedy Heathers, see the trailer below, it's streaming on Netflix.

Riverdale gives Greg Berlanti five comic book themed shows on a single network--talk about your empire. However, Archie is a different type of comic and fortunately its a different show. It remains to be seen if the buffed up Archie, Veronica, Bette, and Jugghead can stay the course critically and even more important can the gang bring America to Riverdale? The TV ratings for the premiere of Riverdale were disappointing; 0.5, 2 share in the 18-49 demo. It's lead-in, Supernatural drew a 0.6. I feel like a millennial from the standpoint I recorded it on my DVR, but I didn't have the time to watch it on my 80" inch TV, so I ended up watching on my iPad via the CW app. I'll try to get that under wraps, I am a grown *ss, 40 year-old man after all. 

Can Riverdale at lest match last week's 0.5? Stay tuned!

Scott Eberly