The Best Six Degrees of Delroy Lindo

The Best Six Degrees of Delroy Lindo

Hollywood Binge talks The Good Fight on this week’s podcast, so we’re putting the spotlight on Delroy Lindo and his six best roles.

  1. The Good Fight (2017-2018) | 2 Seasons, 23 Episodes (CBS All Access)

    Adrian Boseman - His commanding presence as name-partner and the leader of the mostly black Chicago law firm is bolstered by Lindo’s 6’4 frame and silky smooth, booming voice.

2. Clockers (1995) | (Starz)

Rodney Little - Spike Lee’s adaptation of Richard Price’s novel focuses on the drug dealers. Lido’s character will do whatever it takes to get out of his killer predicament.

3.Malcolm X (1992) | ($3.99 iTunes/Amazon Rental)

West Indian Archie - Get yourself a big tub of popcorn! Total running time is 3 hours and 21 minutes!

4.Get Shorty (1995) | ($3.99 iTunes/Amazon Rental)

Bo Catlett - Bo owns a limousine service and a producer (Gene Hackman) owes him big money, plus there’s Chili Palmer (John Travolta) who’s a mobbed up associate and the center of the story

5.The Cider House Rules (199) | (Showtime)

Mr. Rose - Awkward scene when Homer (Tobey MaGuire) asks if he’s sleeping with his daughter

6. The Chicago Code (2011) | 1 season, 13 episodes ($9.99 iTunes, Purchase Entire Series)

Alderman Ronin Gibbons - Unfortunately this Shawn Ryan series was given the quick hook by FOX. Lindo plays a powerful and corrupt politician in the windy city.

One final note. I’ve never seen the HBO film Soul of the Game (2001). Lindo plays legendary Negro pitcher Satchell Page who pitched in the Major Leagues until age 59. He was the oldest rookie to make his MLB debut at the age of 42. The film focuses on the time period after World War II when Paige was passed over by up-and-comer Jackie Robinson for ‘The Bigs.’ The DVD is available for $5.99 on Amazon.