Penny Marshall (1943-2018) | What's Steaming?

Want to pay tribute by watching Penny Marshall act or direct? Here’s what’s available.

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Netflix and Prime Video have zero titles.


Penny Marshall

What’s streaming?

Big | 1988 (Director)

Where to see it: Hulu

During the advanced media tour Penny Marshall felt good about her film “Big,” but she had no idea how well it would do at the box office. When it was all said and done, Penny became the first female director to have a film surpass the $100 million dollar mark. The film captured Tom Hanks’ charm, the fish out of water element that goes with a 12-year-old boy who wakes up one morning as a grown man after making a wish.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 4, 1988)

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 4, 1988)

A League of Their Own | 1992 (Director/Executive Producer)

Where to see it: Crackle (It’s Free!!!!)

“There’s no crying in baseball!” - Jimmy Duggan

The Odd Couple | 1972-1974 (Actress - Myrna, 27 episodes)

Where to see it: Hulu

Laverne & Shirley | 1976-1983 (Actress - Laverne, 183 episodes)

Where to see it: MeTV (OK, it’s not streaming, but still… Sunday, December 23rd at 2PM Eastern/Pacific, 1PM Central)

You can watch 12 favorite episodes, 6 episodes were Penny Marshall’s favs, plus the final two episodes are Christmas shows.

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