S2, Ep 5 | Hollywood Binge Podcast talks 'The Sopranos', 'True Detective', 'Sex Education' + Much More

S2, Ep5: Hollywood Binge Podcast

Hi/Hello (0-:00), Streaming News; Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Warner Brothers,  4-Pack, Josh Currently Watching: True Detective (HBO), Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff’s Robert Redford hairdo, Scott Currently Watching: Sex Education (Netflix), Sex Education has the feel of a series set in the late 80s/early 90s, a grownup all-star version of 'Degrassi High' at times,  ‘Forever’, Gillian Anderson; she’s not British! Scott thinks she’s hot, sex guru, this isn’t the bathroom, Emma Mackey, character Eric, Josh Will Be Revisiting: ‘The Fall’ (Netflix), Gillian and her pension for English series, Josh’s take why he forgot about this series, Scott In-Production Recommendation: ‘Bonus Family’ (Netflix): why this Swedish series has won him over, what “Bonus Family” means, Josh Classic Recommendation: ‘The West Wing’ (Netflix), Aaron Sorkin at his best, Martin Sheehan in and the very good film ‘The American President’ (streaming on HBO GO/HBO NOW/On Demand), the greatness of John Spencer, originally suppose to be Rob Lowe’s show, if I can’t be the man—no one can be the man, Scott: ‘The Sopranos’ (HBO), Scott & Josh talk about HBO GO’s “Fan Favorite Episodes,” what happened to the Russian Mobster? Pie-O-Mine, can of Raid, Whitecaps!!!!! Season 6B Murderers Row: Chase, Weiner and Winter, Josh feels there might be too much ‘Sopranos’ talk, more ‘True Detective’ talk (SPOILERSthru 2 episodes!!!!!); return to greatness, season 2, Vince Vaughn, Mahershala Ali; the beautiful dynamic between him and his future wife (Carmen Ejogo as Amelia Reardon) and his partner (Stephen Dorff as Detective Roland West), working out analogy, the return of ‘Crashing’ and ‘High Maintenance’!!!!!!! Josh's Excited About: ‘Better Things’, new trailer, no more Louis CK, getting fat, kids fighting themes, Scott's Excited About HBO Perry Mason Reboot/Matthew Rhys project (HBO), Goodbye! Next week: Ryan Hansen + Rawson Marshall Thurber from 'Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television' (YouTube Premium). 

Scott Eberly