When Will The OA II drop?

The OA’s creator and star Brit Marling has been awfully quiet since posting a tweet back on December 16, 2017 (one year anniversary of season 1); she talked about how terrifying the road map was writing 8 scripts for Part II (season 2). Shooting for Part II started earlier this year in January. Are you excited for the new season? In July, Netflix’s Vice President of Original Series Cindy Holland (source: Indie Wire) refused to comment on when the series will drop, but she did state that The OA will have five seasons. Be patient, Grasshopper!

How about this for a wild prediction… a Xmas day drop?!!! Scott and Josh talk The OA on this week’s podcast available Thursday (season 2, episode 2). A Brit Marling Instagram post (see below) explains why The OA is a two year process in the making.


Will Netflix do a surprise drop?

December 16th will mark the two year anniversary since Netflix dropped this peculiar series, “The OA.”

Scott included The OA in his ‘The Four Pack’ on the latest podcast.

Scott Eberly