Episode 7 | Show Notes

"Streaming Breakdown" covers 'The Americans' In-Depth season 5 premiere (1:45), 'Feud: Bette & Joan' In-Depth (8:28), 'The Arrangement' In-Depth (20:48), 'Chicago Justice' In-Depth (22:30), plus "New & Notes" "Score Card Update" (24:00) Patricia Clarkson, HBO, Gillian Flynn, Robert Osborne Tribute, TCM, Noah Wylie, Billions, Crashing, Patriot and Big Little Lies. "Meet the Nielsens" (41:14) takes us to 1994: Roseanne, 60 Minutes, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Murder She Wrote, Burt Reynolds, 90210, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, the fall of the dramatic series, Scott tells a personal Gilbert Grape story, Leonardo DiCaprio, Greedy, The Chase, Michael J. Fox, Charlie Sheehan, Shindlers List, how Mrs. Shindler skipped a screening because it was too long for a 86 year-old to sit through, Everly/Eberly story, talk show 'Later,' Bob Costas, Greg Kinnear, Kirk Douglas, Don Rickles, Germany's reaction to Shindlers List, John Candy memorial, Frank Sinatra collapses, Sho West, Thunder Alley, Ed Asner, The Godfather, Michael Mann, Kurt Cobain, bangs, "Video Store: Manager's Special" (01:15: 55) 'Bron' (Denmark original version of 'The Bridge'), 'I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore,' Midnight in Paris,' 'Sausage Party,' and 'Indiana Jones Collection.'

Scott Eberly